Banking the Unbanked.

Bonnum Network builds tools that give financial products to the unbanked. Our services work for all levels of technical sophistication; with our without smartphones. Donors and humanitarian organizations can follow the impact real time through the dashboard.

Additionally, Bonnum Network supports content creators by providing 1kviews, a platform to enhance YouTube views, ensuring a broader audience reach for their videos.


Make simple and transparent the donation and humanitarian aid.

by EOS

Free and fast transactions among users. (a) No costs for transfers among users, (b) nearly instant transactions processing times, (c) easier learning curve for new developers and (d) strong community

Trust System

Bonnum is also designed as a tool for Aid distribution in scale and at a cost of < 1% of the value distributed. The donors will be able to vote for oracles in the field who will select the beneficiaries. At any time, the donors can withdraw their vote and choose others.

Open Source DIY Biometric Kit

We are developing an open source DIY biometrics kit whose components cost < USD$150 to allow oracles in the field to scan new users biometrics make and which will make sure that each person only subscribed once.


Users will be able to exchange crypto to fiat and vice versa with a network of tellers who will offer liquidity for a fee. (Like, but for EOS).

Bonnum App

Take a look at how its going to work.

FAQ about the upcoming ICO

We believe Token sales / Initial Coin Offerings are the future of venture capital. Our founders have experience in planning ICOs and an excellent contact network among investors, ICO advisors and service providers.
This will eliminate the seasonal fluctuation of the market. We plan to list the token in a big exchange on day one and to release 1/365 of the supply every day. That way, giving liquidity for investors, avoiding the usual dip in the price of the token after the token sale ends and providing a smooth token sale experience.
We will mint 10 Billion Bonnum tokens before launch and, in every cash based assistance distributed, 0.1% of the value in Bonnum tokens will be burned, thus reducing the circulating supply.
The token will give a 50% discount in fees for the users holding it in their Bonnum Wallets. In addition, 1% of the value transferred in Bonnum Tokens are purchased every time aid or basic income is distributed. Finally, Bonnum Tokens will give the owner voting rights about the geographies and conditions for the distribution of the Universal Basic Income fund.

Product Roadmap

Q3 - 2018
  • Incorporation of Bonnum Ltd.
  • Development of Beta version of Bonnum Wallet.
  • Application to Incubators and accelerators.
  • Basic Income distribution experiment with a few families.
Q4 - 2018
  • Prototype of Bonnum DIY Biometrics kit.
  • Raise seed capital.
  • Make Bonnum Wallet available for Android and IOS stores.
Q1 - 2019
  • Start the 1 year ICO for Bonnum Network.

Bonnum Team


Contact Information

  • Address: Rua da Alfândega, 35, Recife - Brazil
  • Email Us: ed[at]
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